Samantha Lord of Spring Hill Farm House

Tell us a little about yourself.
I live with my husband and dog just outside of Bozeman, Montana, right up against the Bridger Mountain range. My husband actually grew up on the property where we built our home, so it’s a special place for him, and it’s becoming one for me. I’m a photographer by profession, and I’ve always been very visually driven and obsessed with design. 
Why did you decide to build your home instead of buying & what was the process like?
We built our home because we had the opportunity to build on a piece of family property, which made the whole thing doable and more affordable for us. Home prices in Bozeman are extremely inflated, so it actually made more financial sense for us to build rather than buy. And I’m grateful for the opportunity to build, as I’m very particular (ha!) and getting to design our home was a dream come true. Because we don’t live in city limits, we didn’t need an architect to design our home, so we took on the entire process from start to finish (my husband does have engineering and drafting experience). We did have a general contractor who oversaw the process and made sure the home would be structurally sound, but we also took on a majority of the finishing projects ourselves, from drywall to laying our flooring to painting. It was INTENSE, but gave us such an appreciation for how much goes into a home building process and a real sense of ownership of our finished work. One thing that was really eye opening was seeing the inner workings of the construction industry. I really wish the industry was more matter-of-fact and realistic about timeframes and how quickly things would be done. I’m a big fan of the “under promise and over deliver” approach, and the building world doesn’t seem to live closely by that rule (although I’m sure there are exceptions). 
What are the biggest influences on your design style and what is your process like?
I may live in Montana now, but I grew up in an 1750s colonial farmhouse in New Jersey, and that upbringing really influenced my style and design preferences. I’m drawn to clean, simple lines and items that are functional but also beautiful and well made. I absolutely love anything that has character and history, so if I can find an antique piece rather than a new piece, I’m all about that. Antiquing is one of my favorite things to do. I tend to stay within a fairly neutral color palette throughout our home, as I find it’s the most calming for me. If I do throw a pop of color in, it’s almost
always blue. 
What do you feel are the most valuable things you have learned designing your home?
Don’t worry about trends. If you have a specific vision for your home but it doesn’t follow what’s trending, that’s okay. I am constantly drawn to design and styles that have withstood the test of time and proven to be classic no matter what. Also, splurge on some things that you love, but don’t splurge on everything. For example, we splurged on our un-lacquered brass kitchen faucet, because it would be the most seen and used in the house, but then found more affordable options for the rest of our fixtures. 
You can find more inspiration from Samantha @springhillfarmhouse on Instagram.

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